Monday, July 25, 2011

24/07/11 Pirates of the Seychelles

Although there has been some stormy weather blowing up Cap Ternay Bay to the volunteer camp, spirits are still high on Mahe and we’ve all been enjoying another week in paradise.

It’s been a busy week, with most people now diving twice a day and the fish identification is almost nailed. Today everyone sat the last (hopefully) fish exam and the last advanced open water deep dives were complete, just in time to enjoy the weekend YES! It was also nice to have Em back in the water after a few days without dives- big love!

This week we’ve also been out twice into the local community to teach the ISS (International School Seychelles) a lesson about turtles and conservation which they seemed to love and thoroughly exhausted us all. On Wednesday morning some of us headed out to Lighthouse for the weeks plankton pull. Liz has unveiled the leader board for the fastest time to pull the plankton nets completely out of the water which has sparked competition to hold enteral glory of pulling! We also had a talk from Dr David Rowat from the MCSS (Marine Conservation Society Seychelles) about the work they do with whale shark tracking and the importance of our plankton pulling in determining relationships between plankton levels and whale shark sightings. It was a fantastic lecture and increased our excitement about the possibility of the whale sharks turning up in Cap Ternay Bay sometime this phase- we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Tonight is the Friday night BBQ and we are all going to be getting our pirate on in this week’s theme. While Tegan seems to have her costume all planned, the rest of us will spend the rest of the day running around camp hastily getting some pirate gear together and preparing for another action packed night in GVI paradise! Drink up me hearties!

Community work down at Port Launay Beach