Monday, July 25, 2011

24/07/11 Curieuse Week 3

As week three draws to an end, everyone is busy with their daily duties, completing their Coral Reef Research speciality dives and getting used to the rain, which has played a big part in our lives for the last week.

The rain has been causing problems for hut two as a tree, which fell on the roof before we arrived, caused some rather extensive leakage.

Apart from this, everyone’s still having a great time on the island and can’t believe that some of us only have 2 weeks left! Throughout the week we’ve had to get involved with various EFR (Emergency First Response) scenarios which, to be honest, started quite poorly as April, our science coordinator, pretented to choke during lunch and only 3 people decided to help her. We’ve gotten much better though and there was some first class emergency responding going down on Wednesday morning as we attended to another scenario...Stina drowning whislt Georgie lay unconscious at the bottom of the tree house…I think they would have survived, we were pretty awesome.

Another week on paradise over and everyone is looking forward to the Friday night (possibly barbequeless) BBQ and fancy dress party.

Heading out for a snorkel (above). Men at the BBQ (below).